Interesting Facts about Henry

15 Million Henrys and Counting...

Over the last 40 years we have made more than 15 million Henrys, and most of them are still in use today. Independently rated as the U.K’s most reliable vacuum brand, Henry is built to last. He may have changed slightly over the years, with new technology and features, but his professional design has stood [...]

Henry the Vacuum Star

Vacuuming isn’t a task that brings a smile to most people’s faces, but one chirpy character has been keeping floors clean with a smile on his face for over 30 years. Henry, the smiley red dust-buster, is the vacuum world’s very own celebrity and instantly recognizable all over the world. Born in Britain in 1981, Henry Vacuum, as he is affectionately referred to most, is the industry’s very own David Beckham. Technology has improved dramatically over the last 30 years, and a wave of new and exciting vacuums have hit the market, but Henry is here to stay. He’s even brought his family along to help with the cleaning. [...]

New Henry Set to Help Millions Suffering this Allergy Season

With peak allergy-season just around the corner, allergy-sufferers brace themselves for the annual arrival of sneezes, sniffles, and scratches. For others, allergies are part of life all year round, even in the comfort of their own home. Many of us suffer from scratchy eyes, itchy skin, [...]

Make the Old Henry into a Flower Pot

My First Friends Nursery in Brighton got in touch earlier this year with the wonderful idea of using Henry bases as plant pots. Excited to see what Henry would look like with a new hairdo, we packaged up 5 different Henrys, along with [...]

Henry Training Academy

It takes a lot to become a Henry, we really put him through a battery of tests here at Henry HQ. To make sure Henry is ready to handle any cleaning task, the Henry Training Academy is always testing the latest model. For his first test, Henry is fully loaded with 11 lbs. of weight and set off to complete a [...]

2 Built Every Minute

We build a Henry every 30 seconds... that’s more Henrys per minute than babies born in the U.K and flights taking off from London Heathrow Airport! This got us thinking... what other amazing things can happen in 30 seconds or less? Here are just a few for starters... 57,291 cups of tea are enjoyed [...]