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Machine not working as it should? Check out the FAQs below:

  1. Pull out the two clips holding the top of the machine to the drum and lift off the machine top (HEAD). Lift out the white filter and remove the dust bag from the tube in the drum. The dust bag has a sealing tab, which allows you to keep the dust in the bag. Dispose of the bag.
  2. Take a new bag and make sure the bag is not stuck together by putting a finger into the hole (rubber seal) and opening the bag with your finger.
  3. Then fit the rubber seal over the tube inside the drum and refit the white filter and machine top. Lock the top on by knocking the two clips inwards.
Pull out the two clips holding the top of the machine to the drum and lift off the machine top (HEAD). Lift out the white filter. Place the filter into an empty dustbin bag and shake the dust from the filter into the bag. Refit the white filter and machine top. Lock the top on by knocking the two clips inwards.
Once the machine has become full or has low suction, replace the dust bag. The dust bags have been designed to be sealed and then disposed of; they are not reusable.
We recommend that allergy sufferers vacuum at least twice a week, but you may want to vacuum more frequently if you see dust build-up in high-traffic areas, suffer from severe asthma or allergies, or if you have a pet.
Always have your model and serial number ready when calling for machine information.
Measure the diameter of your wand, this will determine which size floor tool you need.
  • 604011 for RBV 130, RSV 130
  • 604015 for PPR 200, PPR 240, PVR 200, PSP 200, RSV 200
  • 604015 for PPR380, PPR 390, PVR 380, PSP 380, NVH 380
  • 801130 for HX 14
  • 801000 for HD 14, HD 18
Changing the vacuum bag can vary widely, depending on use, type of floors you're cleaning, if you have pets, and the bag capacity.
If you have allergies, asthma, COPD or any other respiratory condition, your vacuum cleaner can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Start using an HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered vacuum cleaner, and you'll notice improved air quality and a marked reduction in allergy symptoms. This is part of changing your mindset about cleaning. Instead of simply cleaning for appearances, to remove dirt, hair or dust, with a quality HEPA vacuum with sealed system, you can actually clean for your health and remove the ultra-fine particles, like dander, dust, dust mite allergen and pollen that can trigger allergic, asthmatic or more severe respiratory reactions. Certified HEPA filters trap a minimum of 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger, while EU certified HEPA filters trap 99.95% of all particles 0.1 microns or larger. This means either filters out the common allergens listed above.
It varies, depending on your model's filtration type. Micron Filtration is not a separate filter, but is part of the bag itself. True HEPA filters should be replaced every six months to maintain peak filtration. The small fabric filters that cover the back of the bagless cassette and the entrance into the casing beneath the cassette can be rinsed out, dried thoroughly and put back into place. They should be replaced after a year. Washable HEPA filters should be cleaned out approximately every eight weeks. Always make sure that washable filters are completely dry before you put them back in the vacuum.
A broken fan blade, a broken belt or an obstruction in the brush roll are the most common reasons for increased noise. Please contact us at, we can help you diagnose your vacuum.
While you may be able to find vacuums under $100, it may not be a good idea to buy a "disposable" model that will only last you a year or two. Think of a vacuum cleaner as any major home appliance and invest in one wisely. Furthermore, make your purchase from someone who specializes in vacuum cleaners as opposed to your local discount store.
Henry is fitted with a thermal cut out. If it has been running for an extended period of time, the overload will cut in and stop Henry from working until he has cooled down.
Take your Henry to a qualified electrical service engineer who can replace your cable for you.
Occasionally, your AiroBrush may collect hairs or fibres that will slow or even stop the bristle bar. Remove the tangle by cutting across, being careful not to cut the bristles.