Make the Old Henry into a New Flower Pot

Don’t throw your old vacuum away! Make Henry into a Flower Pot instead.

My First Friends Nursery in Brighton got in touch earlier this year with the wonderful idea of using Henry bases as plant pots.

Excited to see what Henry would look like with a new hairdo, we packaged up 5 different Henrys, along with some Henry storybooks, and sent them on their way.

The children had a fantastic time planting herbs and flowers, including gladioli, primrose, daffodils, watercress, herbs, and hyacinth flowers in their colorful Henrys. They also did lots of lovely drawings and read about the adventures of Henry and his friends.

In fact, the children had so much fun, My First Friends Nursery created their very own Henry cleaning station. With all that mess and mud, we certainly hope Henry has been helping to clean-up afterwards!

We’ve always said that Henry is the perfect all-rounder when it comes to cleaning... but who would have thought he'd make such a fabulous plant pot too?


The children had great fun guessing which colourful Henry they would open next.


Time to get planting!


Let's get creative - bring out the paints!


Smiles all around.