Henry Training Academy

It takes a lot to become a Henry, we really put him through a battery of tests here at Henry HQ. To make sure Henry is ready to handle any cleaning task, the Henry Training Academy is always testing the latest model.

For his first test, Henry is fully loaded with 11 lbs. of weight and set off to complete a minimum of 20,000 laps (that's 111 hours' runtime) over carpet and hard floor. To pass, all his wheels, hubs and castors must remain in complete working order. Henry wouldn't get very far without these.

Next, Henry's floor tools go for 500 tumbles, and his hose is swung back and forth 40,000 times. Henry needs to have the best equipment for the job, time after time

Finally, Henry must complete an endurance test to make sure he's ready for even the biggest clean-ups. His powerful motor is tested for a minimum of 1600 hours' continuous life, so he'll be there, day in, day out, providing powerful and professional results.

Once Henry has passed all of these tough tests with flying colors, his fellow Henrys can be sent off on their first cleaning assignments. It's no wonder Henry has been independently rated as the U.K's most reliable vacuum brand!